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Car Rental Fees: Drop-Off Fees

Aside from all the other fees a car rental agency might charge you, one of the highest fees is the drop-off fee. This charge applies when you are renting a car in one place and dropping it off in another. This fee can be significant, and can run well over $1,000 depending on the distance from the origin.

If you need to pick up a car in one state and drop it off in another, it will pay to do some homework on prices. While some companies offer specials for trips such as this, they often have a limit on the locations and distance you can pick up or drop off. Others may offer more availability, but you may pay for that with a slightly higher price.

Regardless of the plan you choose and the car rental company, you will probably pay for the fee in some way or another. Itís always a good idea to talk to the company before reserving your rental. The drop off fee can be quite high in some cases, depending on the distance or area.

When you are dropping off your car in another state and have a rate that you understand from the company, make sure you have that rate and any extra charges on your contract. Donít leave with the car until you exactly how much you will pay on the other endódonít let them tell you the final charge will be computed on the other end. Other than vehicle damage, theft, or some other insurance-related loss, you should not have to leave without an account in writing of your final car rental charges and drop-off fees.

You should also check the internet and surf for more information about dropping off rental cars to other locations. There are some horror stories out there, although you should probably verify them if they concern you. Make sure anyone who has a claim that you would base your actions on can validate their statements, including which companies they used for their rentals.

If you are traveling internationally, a drop-off fee can be a confusing endeavor. Aside from the frequent language barriers, often the insurance regulations in other countries are not the same as in the United States, and you could be left holding a very large bill and no recourse. Make sure you understand the repercussions of dropping your car off at another location.

Also, if you are traveling internationally you may not be able to take rental cars to other countries. Make sure thatís in your contract. Again, the internet is full of horror stories of people who did not do this, or who were turned down for a car rental because the agency did not allow international travel with their cars.

Be informed and educated and you wonít be surprised or taken to the cleaners. Do your homework.


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